professional oil press technical support and service
professional oil press technical support and service
Zhengzhou AIX machinery equipment co.,ltd is the manufacturer of oil press machine,also have peanut sheller,oil filter,oil press line.We promise high quality,high service for you and machine.We have 10years experience about oil press.So if you have any question welcome to contact.
Home use oil press machine
Peanut peeling machine for peanut red skin peeling
castor bean sheller machine
8 pipe cooking oil filling machine and capping machine
4 pipe cooking oil filling machine can add capping machine
New type Peanut sheller machine
Diesel engine palm oil press machine
100 Ton per day oil refinery machine
We want to raise your crops and livestock!
Peanut oil press line:Peanut sheller→peanut roaster→peanut oil press→peanut oil filter→peanut oil filling and sealing(find for you)First use Peanut sheller machine separate peanut and peanut is more clean.then can use for peanut roaster.fry peanut’s temperature is about 100℃.then can use peanut oil press press it.the final oil cake is 0.7mm is the best,also can press second times with the peanut.for the oil become more clean and standard to eat can use peanut oil you can filling and packing oil to sell.just 10-20㎡can set peanut oil press line,save space for you.we also can let technical worker support install and use in your country.
Popular type 100 soybean oil press
Soybean's oil extraction rate is 15-16%,this means about 100kg soybean can press about 15-16kg soybean oil.also use soybean oil press need the soybean's moisture is below 10% and heating temperature is about 100℃.this will promise a little higher oil capacity.Soybean oil press have heating circle,also if you want to reach higher oil capacity can use soybean roaster frying soybean.Type 100 soybean oil press include vacuum oil filter can make oil reach eat standard.can save time and cost.
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